.com Heads to LA

January 27, 2019

.com announced this week that it would begin putting on #OffTheMenu dish events in Los Angeles.

Local foodies can now discover and reserve #OffTheMenu dishes available for one day only a week or two away. Chefs can unleash their creativity and attract influential diners to their restaurant.

Based on the success of .com in Las Vegas and Napa, entering the country's second-largest culinary market makes sense.

.com founder Jolene Mannina says, "Los Angeles is a foodie dream, and .com has arrived! I’m thrilled to announce that you can now discover off-the-menu specialties in LA."

The first three Los Angeles #OffTheMenu dishes are:

  • Crispy Fish Sandwich at Black Market Liquor Bar on Monday, February 11, 2019.  The unique take on a traditional English specialty includes watercress, fresh herbs, confit tomato, caper aioli, egg, house pickles on a seeded bun. Chef Antonia Lofaso describes the inspiration behind the dish this way, "I created this dish which is inspired by traditional English lunch favorites that combine crispy fish from fish & chips with watercress, eggs, and herbs from English tea sandwiches." Reserve yours here.

  • Flauta at  DAMA in the Fashion District on Tuesday, February 12, 2019.  The Flauta has potato, confit garlic, onion, chili arbol, guajillo, cabbage, cream, avocado, pickled chilis, cilantro. Chef Antonia Lofaso explains, "Nowadays, we learn about history, culture, and cuisine first through food. Flautas (Spanish for flute) originated from Northern Mexico and has developed many different names depending on the region of Mexico you are visiting, including names such as “sope” (Central/Southern Mexico) “memela” (Oaxaca) and “tacos dorados” (which are a shorter version of a flauta)." Reserve yours here.

  • "The Heisenburger" at Border Grill Downtown on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. General Manager Andrew Alvarado chose the dish because it was a signature of his  505 Food Truck LA. Alvarado says, "We served authentic New Mexican Food. Our Signature dish was the Red Chile Stacked Enchiladas and of course the Heisenburger which is a nod to the Breaking Bad series that filmed in Albuquerque." Reserve yours here.

Maninna continued, "I love what’s going on in the LA food scene and to be part of that creativity and growth feels simply delicious. .com is now working with three great operators for the launch and more talented chefs are uploading dishes to be on the site weekly."

.com is a marketplace of one day only #OffTheMenu dishes by passionate chefs you can reserve before they sell out. By allowing you to reserve these dishes in advance we make it easy for the best chefs in your city to have fun and be more creative.

The secret sauce behind .com is our focus on great dishes and our growing affiliate community. When a chef uploads an #OffTheMenu dish, it is automatically added to the marketplace of events where consumers can reserve this dish before it sells out. Affiliates who share the link will earn a portion of ticket sales that come from their link. Click here to learn more.

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