Crispy Fish Sandwich

Black Market Liquor Bar - Los Angeles, CA • February 26, 2019

On Monday, February 11, 2019, .com presented Chef Antonia Lofaso's #OffTheMenu Crispy Fish Sandwich at Black Market Liquor Bar.

Chef Lofaso says about this dish, "It is inspired by two traditional English lunch favorites that combine crispy fish from fish & chips with watercress, eggs, and herbs from English tea sandwiches." The crispy fish filet was served on a seeded bun with watercress, fresh herbs, confit tomato, caper aioli, egg, and house-brined pickles.

1Fish Sandwich

.com diners didn't stop with the Crispy Fish Sandwich. They also ordered signature dishes like the Crispy Spring Rolls with shiitake, cabbage, Thai basil, cilantro, and nuoc mam sauce;  Meatballs with crisp garlic and basil; Smoked Ocean Trout on ciabatta with pickled baby vegetables and a quail egg; and the Seafood Tostada with shrimp, octopus, avocado, red onion, Fresno chile, and cilantro.

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"I'm so happy I chose this ! The fish sandwich was like a grown up version of something I used to eat all the time as a kid. The watercress and pickles were perfect! You can't go wrong with any options at Black Market Liquor Bar - especially the smoked trout!"

A big thank you to Chef Antonia Lofaso and the whole team at Black Market Liquor Bar for sharing this amazing off the menu dish with the .com community.

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