6 Amazing things you didn’t know about .com

January 5, 2019

Welcome to the world of .com where creative chefs and curious diners unite around #OffTheMenu dishes. The ® experience is very simple with a ton of benefits for both chefs and diners.

Here’s how .com works:

  • Chefs, from neighborhood gems to Michelin-starred restaurants, upload unique off-the-menu dishes to www..com.

  • Diners discover and reserve the dishes until they ultimately sell out (only 50 available per event).

  • Chefs get a list of who's coming and when so they can order and prep just what's needed.

  • Diners show up to a restaurant on a specific date, claim their dish and have an incredible culinary experience.

So who wins? Everyone!

Chefs can gamble and win every time: .com pre-sells all 50 dishes and pays the restaurant a week in advance driving the restaurant 50 high margin covers and allowing chefs to prep with confidence.

Foodies: We all share one thing in common, we love to eat and we are pretty adventurous. .com plans to host thousands of #OffTheMenu events in over 50 cities in 2019 making more culinary experiences available to us all.

Restaurant Regulars: Off-brand dishes are always fun. In 2019 you will see dishes like Memphis-style spicy chicken at a sushi restaurant, a Veggie burger at a steakhouse, a Cuban sandwich at a French Brasserie and a Caviar focused dish at a popular breakfast spot.

Everyone likes Likes: Give foodies something to Instagram about. Influencers want to post a photo of that amazing dish only 50 other people are getting and restaurants pick up a ton of exposure and followers at the same time.

Road Warriors, be in the know: Know you are traveling to LA, NYC or Las Vegas next month? .com makes it easy for you to reserve the tastiest dishes available while you are in town.

.com is here: And creating a new type of culinary experience that is focused on creating connections between inspired chefs and passionate diners who love incredible food.

Here’s how you can join us:

  • Get on our email list to get the latest updates on new and upcoming events.

  • Visit our events page to see all of the upcoming events.

  • If you're a chef, click here to submit a dish & pick up 50 - 100 high margin covers per month

  • Visit our affiliate page if you want to spread the word about , get invites to influencer events and earn big.

  • To learn more check out our FAQ.

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