Mar y Tierra

EDO Gastro Tapas & Wine - Las Vegas, NV • March 15, 2019

On a snowy Wednesday, February 20, 2019, .com presented Chef Oscar Amador's #OffTheMenu Mar y Tierra, aka Surf & Turf roll, at EDO Gastro Tapas and Wine.

Here's what Chef Amador had to say about his inspiration behind the dish, "Mixing goods from the sea with ingredients from the land is a big part of Barcelona gastronomy. In the past fishermen used to also have farms with pigs, goats, lambs, etc. so they developed recipes like Rabbit with Langoustines, Lobster with Wild Mushrooms, Clams with Jamon, and Shrimp and Bone Marrow."

Amador's "Mar y Tierra" roll featured Iberico Ham, Poached Maine Lobster, Sambal Mayo, and Fresh tomato on a Toasted Brioche Roll.


.com diners didn't stop with the Mar y Tierra roll. They also ordered signature dishes like the Tostada with Tuna Rillette, Guac, and Rocoto Chili; Pulpo Viajero with Tamarind Mole; Toasted Spicy Bread Crumbs; Crispy Patatas Bravas; Shrimp and Bone Marrow and a Mushroom Medley.

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One diner said, "We were blown away! We had the amazing off the menu surf and turf roll and added a couple of other items. The crispy Patatas Bravas are addictive! Everything was amazing, we will be back 100%."

A big thank you to Chef Oscar Amador and the whole team at EDO Gastro Tapas & Wine for sharing this amazing off the menu dish with the .com community.

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