Frequently Asked Questions

For Restaurant Operators

Does only sell burgers?

  • No. We are more about the Secret than we are about the Burger

  • Any creative #OffTheMenu dish can be submitted for approval.

Why partner with us?

  • .com drives 50 high margin covers during slow shifts

  • .com and its affiliates sell out your tickets with zero risk or cost.

Can anyone sign up?

  • Anyone can submit a dish, but all dishes and venues go through an approval process.

Where do I send customers to purchase a ?

  • Restaurants are provided a link to share on your website, social media pages and email newsletter.

  • .com will also be marketing your event as well through our distribution channels and affiliate partners.

How do customers redeem their tickets?

  • You will have an online or printed (pdf) guest list with all names and # of dishes paid for. Customers simply show you their ID and you mark their name off the list.

  • No. Apps, No POS integrations, No Headaches.

Can host a course meal instead of just a dish?

  • We are focused on dishes for now, but we have done a few larger events with great success and open to discussing.

What do you mean by High-Margin covers?

  • Since we pay you in advance for the number of tickets you sold, you will only have to purchase and prep the exact number of dishes sold with absolutely zero waste.

How many events can my restaurant do a month?

  • Only once a month, that way we can keep it cool and make sure it’s always buzz-worthy. We are also open minded, let us know why you want to do a 2nd or 3rd event each month. Email us.

Do restaurants have access to track sales?

  • Yes. All sales data is available in your admin dashboard.

  • Daily text alerts are available as well.

Are all ticket sales final?

  • Refunds are available while ticket sales are live.

  • All sales are final (but transferable) after the ticket sales end.

How does the restaurant receive payment?

  • sells tickets and issues you payment by your chosen method a week before the event.

  • 1. ACH Deposit 2. Payment by Check 3. Payment by Credit Card

Are we a ticketing company?

  • Yes and No. .com is an event company with a proprietary ticketing component.

How does make money?

  • As the marketing, distribution and ticketing partner we make a % of every ticket sold.

  • We believe in transparent pricing so you can see the revenue split clearly when you sign up.