Pan Fried Panko Crusted Country Pate

Sparrow + Wolf - Las Vegas, NV • May 17, 2019

On Sunday, February 24, 2019, .com presented Chef Brian Howard's #OffTheMenu Pan Fried Panko Crusted Country Pate at Sparrow + Wolf.

The country pate was breaded in panko bread crumbs and pan fried, topped with Japanese hot mustard, red wine braised cabbage, and green apple and then laid between two slabs of toasted brioche.

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.com diners didn't stop with the Country Pate Katsu Sandu. They also ordered other amazing dishes like Charred Broccoli with Poblano Pepper, Avocado, and Crunchy Garlic; Wood Roasted Salsify with Asian Pear and Maple Garum; Spanish Octopus with Tempura Maitake Mushroom, Coconut, and Charred Scallion;  and the Miso Rubbed & Wood Grilled Tomahawk Steak with a table full of American Banchan.

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One diner said, "I'm so glad we got to eat the katsu off the menu katsu sandu! This is already one of our favorites, so it was cool to try something really out of the ordinary. Thank you Sparrow + Wolf, we'll definitely be back!

A big thank you to Chef Brian Howard and the whole team at Sparrow + Wolf for sharing this amazing off the menu dish with the .com community.

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