Guide to Submitting a Dish

Simple Steps to Taking Your Dish Live

Before beginning the process of creating a dish, we recommend making sure you have all of the required information available. Some details are easy to come by, and other details require a little more effort and thought.

Getting prepared first will save you time and ensure guests have the necessary information to purchase your #OffTheMenu dish. The steps below follow the online sequence for creating a dish.

Restaurant Information:

  • Full Restaurant Name

  • City

  • Neighborhood

  • Address

  • Website

  • Phone Number

  • Restaurant Instagram Handle

  • Method of Deposit: Choose ACH, check or credit card.

Contact Information:

  • Chef's Name

  • Chef's Instagram Handle

  • Event Reminders & Dashboard Access: Who would you like to receive email or phone notifications regarding event details?

Dish Information:

Remember, .com features #OffTheMenu dishes that are more than just a collection of ingredients, a weekly special or an old dish.

Our most successful events use their event to tell a story creatively through a dish. Click here to read our article about crafting a story behind your dish.

  • Name of Dish: The name should be unique, interesting, distinctive and create a spark of curiosity in the reader's mind to learn more.

  • The Story: Tell us the story behind the dish. As we said above, the story behind a dish sells tickets building anticipation, giving diners a reason to connect with you and the restaurant, and to generate FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.)

  • Price of Dish: Chose a ticket price and determine if the net price covers the dish's expense.

  • Number of Tickets: While there's no maximum number of tickets, we recommend using 50 or less to make sure demand stays high and the event sells out.

  • Date of Event: .com events are one day only so pick the date that you want to drive in extra covers. There is a minimum of three weeks between event creation and event date to allow for sales and marketing. After you submit this form, we'll send you an approval and your page will be live within hours.

  • Date to Cut Off Ticket Sales: When sales close, you get paid and learn how many dishes were sold. You can choose between 0 and 14 days before the event date to cut off sales, so make sure to leave enough time to source your dish's ingredients.

  • Event Dining Options: Options include dining in the main area, bar only, and/or To Go only. If guests dine in, choose if you'd like to track arrival times through the SB Guest list or include a link to your reservation system.


Focused and well-lit high-resolution photos create event attention. Pictures of prototypes, key ingredients, sketches or notes, or general restaurant stock photos are all useful to showcase your event.

Banner Image

  • Displayed horizontally at 4 to 1 ratio.

  • Minimum of 1200 pixels wide or larger.

  • The image will appear as a background behind text and will be resized on mobile devices.

Landing Page Gallery Images

  • Displayed in 3 x 2 ratio.

  • Minimum of 1200 pixels wide or larger.

Marketplace Image

  • Displayed in 3 x 2 ratio.

  • Must be 600px wide or larger.

  • Generally should relate to the Feature Image.

  • The image will appear as a background behind text and will be resized on mobile devices.

When you are ready, visit the FOR RESTAURANTS section of our website.

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