Choosing and Pricing your .com Dish

Knowing why you are submitting a dish and what your goals are is key to your success with .Com. Here are a few things to consider when creating & pricing your #OffTheMenu dish:  

Decide what you want out of your monthly event.

  • Are you looking to add 50 covers to a slow shift?

  • Are you looking to drive a ton of social media buzz?

  • Are you looking to test out new menu items with zero risk?

  • Do you want to drive exposure to a different type of clientele?

Dishes with a story sell tickets

  • Consumers will reserve dishes that are unique, in limited supply and have a story.

  • Is this a dish that your mother use to make for you when you were a kid?

  • Is this dish highlighting ingredients only available this one month of the year?

  • Is this a dish that you were exposed to while staging years ago and this is your take on it?

Choose a price point that works for you and the customer.

  • It doesn’t matter if the dish is $20 or $50, the dish and cost need to be in line with each other

  • From our 15% we cover all CC fees, social media ads and pay all the affiliate fees which help sell maximum number of tickets.

  • On a $23 dish you get $19.55 (85%) and gets $3.45 (15%).

A few examples of dishes and their goals:

A steakhouse doing a Veggie Burger

  • This restaurant has a wide variety of vegetarian dishes on their menu and found this to be a simple way to bring in a different clientele and create awareness of this.

An French Brasserie doing a Cuban Sandwich

  • This restaurant averages $110 covers for dinner but only $25 for lunch.

  • At this restaurant Dinner service is always busy and lunch is always slow.

  • Offering a Cuban sandwich for $25 was buzzworthy on social media and was more expensive than the $22 cheeseburger already on the lunch menu.

  • This strategy generated 35 covers and a ton of exposure to their lunch program

A One Star Michelin Restaurant doing Tacos

  • This restaurant (dinner service only) has a full BOH team prepping all day

  • They chose to let that team put out 50 Refined Street Food Taco Platters

  • This gave their team the opportunity to own a service and give the community access to a unique experience for many locals with no previous exposure to the venue.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your dish with a customer success representative contact us at

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