Chef George Azar

'The Emperor's Palace' : Three Courses of Miyazaki Beef and Japanese Whisky

Flowers of Vietnam


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'The Emperor's Palace' : Three Courses of Miyazaki Beef and Japanese Whisky

Flowers of Vietnam in Detroit

Thursday, February 20 2020

5:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST


Chef George Azar

& Director of Beverage Marlowe Johnson

Inspired by the endless versatility and mythical status of Japanese beef, Chef George Azar presents three striking, unconventional, and unexpected iterations of the legendary A5 Miyazaki beef. Accompanying these three platings, Beverage Director Marlowe Johnson delicately pairs three twists on Japanese whisky cocktails.

Course #1

Wagyu Citatap
An homage to the traditional Ainu method of raw meat preparation. Raw wagyu beef is rhythmically chopped and pounded on a traditional itatani-style wooden board, before being accented with spring onion, kelp, and sea salt.

Awa-wari Highball
Created by Beverage Director Marlowe Johnson for the 2017 Chivas Master’s Competition, the Awa-wari is a variation on a classic Japanese highball. Blended Japanese Whisky, acid-enhanced Meyer lemon sherbet, tiki bitters, sparkling wine.

Course #2

Wagyu Sando
A tribute to the great dish of Yōshoku — or Japanese perfection on Western-style dishes. Panko breaded, marinated Wagyu beef; house tonkatsu sauce; shokupan bread.

After-Work Special
Kirin Beer and Single Malt Japanese Whisky
As classic as it gets.

Course #3

Wagyu Shaky Beef
Chef George Azar’s signature dish — marinated wagyu beef, wok fried with sweet soy and sake, served with a muoy tai chanh dipping sauce.

A5 Old Fashioned
A decadent, over-the-top Old Fashioned. Gyukuro tea-infused Japanese Single Malt Whisky, fat-washed with Wagyu beef fat, sweetened with Okinawa Black Sugar.

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Flowers of Vietnam

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