Pizza Maker John Arena, & Chris Decker

Meet The Pizza Makers, John Arena & Chris Decker

Metro Pizza


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Meet The Pizza Makers, John Arena & Chris Decker

Metro Pizza in Las Vegas

Saturday, September 5 2020

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM PST


Pizza Maker John Arena, & Chris Decker

Las Vegas Pizzaiolos John Area and Chris Decker bring you four (4!) slices of their World Famous 5-day rise Sicilian pizza!

John Arena's resume is long and storied, as are his experiences. Founder/Owner of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas, John has been pizza maker to presidents; longtime World Pizza Championships team member, mentor, and educator; Seminar Leader for International Pizza Expo, and much more. When John speaks pizza, you listen.

Chris Decker, Managing Partner of Metro Pizza has humbly given his bio in the past simply as, "Just a pizza guy." But if you have ever eaten his pizza (how is that possible?!) you know right away that this isn't "just" a guy and this isn't "just" a pizza. The attention he gives his pizzas is just the half of it. Chris is a beloved member of the restaurant community and the community at large; his dedication to helping, building, teaching, and supporting those around him may seem quiet but it is strong. We've never seen him without a smile or a hug for anyone.

Chris and John have been working together for 25 years in Las Vegas to not only make great pizza here in town, but some of the most acclaimed pizza in the US and around the world.



Pizza 1: Cup & char pepperoni, broken burrata and Chef Bruce Kalman giardineria

Pizza 2: Nduja, shishito and leek

Pizza 3: Sprouted Broccoli, anchovy, lemon, pignoli, bread crumbs & ricotta

Pizza 4: Za'atar infused crust with Lamb sausage, grilled eggplant, roasted pistachio, and Michael Vakneen's harissa hot sauce marinade. Topped with a yogurt drizzle.



$13 - "Cuckoo" Munich Dunkel Lager, CraftHaus Brewery, 4-Pack

A deep garnet hue from 100% German malts sits in juxtaposition to its white snow cap of froth. Light toasted bread starts to stir your senses but then a clean finish from lager yeast sourced at one of the oldest breweries in Prague makes you Cuckoo for... well, Cuckoo! 5.4% ABV


PICKUP OR DINE IN: Sat., Sept. 5, between 1pm and 4pm; Metro Pizza, 6720 Sky Pointe Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89131. (Check-in at Lulu's entrance.)

Reserve yours for $20 per ticket

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Metro Pizza

6720 Sky Pointe Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89131

(702) 564-6726

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