Chef Mama Jeannie Choi

Mama Jeannie’s Dumplings & Tea

D'bali Asian Bistro


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Mama Jeannie’s Dumplings & Tea

D'bali Asian Bistro in airway heights

Tuesday, April 16 2019

11:00 AM - 9:00 PM PST


Chef Mama Jeannie Choi

When we opened D'bali all our customers begged for dumplings. We didn't want to put them on the menu and be unable to give them the personal hand-crafted love that they deserve. For our first Secret Burger event we are breaking out our 3rd generation dumpling recipe and adding a few special twists!

Handmade Yaki Mandu (6) - Mama Jeannie’s famous family dumpling recipe is very traditional & combines pork, chives, & aromatics. First steamed, then served golden & crispy, w/ tangy dipping sauce.

Spicy Tteokbokki - This most beloved Korean street food is a “dumplins-n-gravy” like you’ve never had before & highlights rice “cakes” that are more like American dumplins with an addictive texture that’s chewy yet pillowy soft, similar to mozzarella string cheese. Served in a mildly spicy sauce that’s both savory & slightly sweet.

Malaysian Tri-Color Iced Tea - Also known as Teh-C-Peng, this strikingly pretty drink combines black tea, milk, & a rosey palm sugar syrup that you mix to your own level of sweetness.

Photo Credits : Ari Nordhagen, @joyful.meandering

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D'bali Asian Bistro

12924 W Sunset Hwy Suite 6 airway heights, WA 99001

(509) 230-8629

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