Chef Ethan Spiezer

Naturally Leavened Pizza by Solamente Pizza

Vegas Test Kitchen


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Naturally Leavened Pizza by Solamente Pizza

Vegas Test Kitchen in Las Vegas

Wednesday, November 9 2022

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST


Chef Ethan Spiezer

Solamente is Italian for “only.” Here at Solamente Pizza, we believe in the purity and beauty of cuisine that showcases natural flavors with the use of minimal ingredients. This allows each and every pizza we bake to be packed with as much pristine flavor as possible.

Our pizzas are always made from scratch and there are never any artificial ingredients included in any of our recipes. Our contemporary Neapolitan pizzas are 100% naturally leavened, (often referred to as sourdough, though they are not sour tasting) and contain specially selected Italian flour that is fermented for a minimum of 2 days before being cooked in a woodfire oven.

We’re excited to share our passion for pizza!



____ Please choose STYLE from the available options. ____
____ Choose ONE option PER PIZZA ordered. ____

* MARGHERITA (tomato sauce, cheese, basil)
* MARINARA (vegan, no cheese)
* BIANCO (white pizza, no tomato)



* add Pepperoni +$1.00
* add Hot Honey +$0.50


WHEN: Wednesday, November 9, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
WHERE: Vegas Test Kitchen, 1020 E Fremont St., #120, Downtown Las Vegas
NOTES: Please contact with questions.

Reserve yours for $16.50 per ticket

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Vegas Test Kitchen

1020 East Fremont St. #120 Las Vegas, NV 89101

(815) 980-3981

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