Five Assorted Chefs

Smoke Em' If you Got Em' Showdown

Brick West Brewing


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Smoke Em' If you Got Em' Showdown

Brick West Brewing in Spokane

Saturday, June 11 2022

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST


Five Assorted Chefs

This isn't your Ma's bbq. We have 5 different mad scientist restaurants who dabble in bbq re-inventing the wheel for ONE NIGHT ONLY. No pulled pork or brisket - this is as show down of who can Smoke the best NON-TRADITIONAL BBQ on the market!

We have 5 teams that all will be serving hearty small plates for you to try as you guzzle cold Brickwest Beer on the GIANT Sunny Patio. All Brick West Beers will be available at additional cost. Ticket includes small plates of all 5 Restaurants!

Chef Mary Weaver of Baba - Harissa BBQ charred lamb ribs with a serrano-tomatillo schug
Chef Larry Phelps of Black Diamond - Smoked Octopus Hotdog with IPA relish, gochujang ketchup and umami mustard
Chef Zac Smith of Longhorn BBQ - Korean Ribs, Hoisin glazed rib tip on top of a cucumber ginger salad
Chef Dusty Tellessen of Nordic Smoke BBQ - Smoked Short Rib Queso - American Sharp, Veg and charred Jalapeno
Chef Hailey Bell of Brick West Brewing - bbq shrimp and salmon ceviche with Smoked pineapple and avocado served on a tostada shell.

Reserve yours for $40 per ticket

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Brick West Brewing

1318 W 1st Ave Spokane, WA 99201

(509) 279-2982