Chef Crystina Nguyen

Mama's New England New Year 2021: Stuffed Lobstah Dinner

Vegas Test Kitchen



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Mama's New England New Year 2021: Stuffed Lobstah Dinner

Vegas Test Kitchen in Las Vegas

Sunday, January 10 2021

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST


Chef Crystina Nguyen

EXTRA! EXTRA! THIS MAMA'S HOUSE debuts at the Vegas Test Kitchen!

The Vegas Test Kitchen welcomes their newest concept, "This Mama's House" by Crystina Nguyen aka Mama.



Having immigrated to the US from Vietnam at just three months old, "Mama" Crystina grew up up in an adopted culture that wholly revolved around the American Dream. Growing up in New England, it was "very American: meat and potatoes... and sports. [And,] I had no clue what real Vietnamese food was. What’s pho? What’s banh mi?"

It was the move to a big city for college that opened up Crystina to what food and culture could truly create: connection. "That’s when I knew I had a passion for food, all kinds of food, especially Vietnamese. Everything in life is all about balance, especially flavors, and that’s when I brought everything I was experiencing into the kitchen."

Mama didn't just fall in love with foodservice and the food industry, she embodies it, epitomizes it. Mama Crystina earned her nickname over 20 years of working in, knowing, and taking care of her beloved food service industry and its people. She knows, she cares, and she never lets anyone walk away hungry.


At the Vegas Test Kitchen in downtown Las Vegas, Mama will soon be offering her own delicious brand of comfort food with items such as:

* Banh Mi (on baguette or gluten-free wrap)
Choices include:
- Vietnamese pork, ham, mortadella, head cheese, and pate
- BBQ pork and pate
- Chicken
- Tofu

* Surf and Turf Vermicelli Bowl
* Variety of salads


Can't wait? Join us in a preview of her talents on Sunday, January 10, and help us celebrate the new year and her downtown debut with Mama's New England New Year 2021: Stuffed Lobstah Dinner!

$65 - Stuffed Lobstah Dinner (per person)
* 1.5lb Maine lobster stuffed with bay scallops, mushrooms, onions, and EITHER cornbread OR rice for a GF option
* Desert Bloom seasonal green salad.


$99 - Mama's Complete Package (per person)
* Stuffed Lobstah Dinner (Cornbread or Rice/GF Stuffing)
* New England Clam Chowder
* PEI Mussels
* Vietnamese Flan



$15 - New England Clam Chowder (per person)
Fresh chopped clams, potatoes, celery, cream enhanced with white wine and Hennessy cognac

$16 - PEI Mussels (1lb)
Cooked in lemongrass scented coconut milk

$8 - Vietnamese Flan (ea)


* PICK UP: Sun., Jan. 10, Vegas Test Kitchen, 1020 Fremont St. #120, between 6pm - 9pm

** The dishes will be READY TO EAT.

** You CAN reserve a table or take your food to-go! If you'd like a table please contact DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS, there is limited seating available so your table MUST be confirmed BY the SecretBurger team via email, otherwise all food will be packaged to-go. Reservations begin on time and are limited to 75 minutes.

** Masks required.

Reserve yours for $65 per ticket

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