Chef Nina Manchev

Cooking with Nina! Chickpea Gazpacho

Forte Bar and Tapas



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Cooking with Nina! Chickpea Gazpacho

Forte Bar and Tapas in Las Vegas

Saturday, May 16 2020

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST


Chef Nina Manchev

We are now in Month 2 of Cooking with Nina and this week we are making a Summertime Forte Favorite!

Cooking Kit: $25
Chickpea Gazpacho (Vegan & Gluten-Free)
This dish is loaded with fresh flavors and perfectly cool to help you beat the heat!
Kit includes everything you need to create this dish. Good for up to 2 people.

Bonus *** Cocktail Kit *** $30

IT'S BACK! “The Sour Bulgarian”
This cocktail is a fun spin on the Pisco Sour, but with Rakija (Bulgarian Brandy)!
Kit includes fresh mixers and ingredients as well as 2 unique cocktail glasses and a bottle of Rakija!

PICK UP KIT: Saturday between 3pm -8pm
VIRTUAL CLASS: Sunday, 3pm on YouTube- link provided after purchase

Reserve yours for $25 per ticket

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Forte Bar and Tapas

4180 rainbow blvd 806 Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 220-3876

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