Chef Bryan Doyle

Sweetbread Twinkies

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Sweetbread Twinkies

Clover in Spokane

Tuesday, July 2 2019

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST


Chef Bryan Doyle

Let’s get this first fact out of the way: sweetbreads are not sweet breads. Though the play on this dish is all about pairing them with America's most popular iconic treat: The Twinkie. Sweetbreads (most commonly calf or lamb thymus) consist of pieces of the throat/gullet/neck and got their name because traditionally they are much more rich in flavor than actual meat.

Secret Burger gives us the perfect platform to take an under-utilized and often shyed away from dish and turn it into a delicious comfort food. We will be making Twinkie tempura fried sweetbreads with a brussel and radicchio slaw tossed in a portly poached pear vinaigrette and ding dong dust.

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913 E Sharp Ave Spokane, WA 99202

(509) 230-7425