Chef Mama Jeannie

Roti John Sandwich

D'bali Asian Bistro


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Roti John Sandwich

D'bali Asian Bistro in airway heights

Tuesday, June 18 2019

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST


Chef Mama Jeannie

Mama Jeannie continues her culinary tour of Southeast Asia & the Pacific Rim with her offering of Roti John, a popular street food sandwich believed to have originated in Singapore and now hugely popular throughout Malaysia & Indonesia!

Think of Roti John as the spunky & FUN cousin of Vietnam’s famous banh mi sandwich! It starts with toasted, local artisanal bread, hand-crafted by our friend Stacie of Lucky Lady Bread Company @luckyladybread. Made to-order, each mini loaf is then stuffed with an omelette, flavorful grilled chicken breast, and pickled veggies & onions. Our homemade spicy sauce will also be available upon request.

For an added touch, Mama will even wrap-up each Roti John for on-the-go eating, just as they would in Asia! That way, you can choose to grab-n-go or dine with us and order additional menu items for a true street food feast!

Photo Credits: Thank you, Noreen Hiskey @noreen_hiskey on Instagram

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