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Tan Tan Mein Handmade noodle

D'bali Asian Bistro


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Tan Tan Mein Handmade noodle

D'bali Asian Bistro in airway heights

Tuesday, May 21 2019

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST


Chef Mama Jeannie

Following our sold out first Secret Burger event, featuring some of Mama Jeannie Choi’s unique, off-menu specialties, and in response to countless requests, d’bali Asian Bistro proudly presents a very special collaborative effort by Mama Jeannie & Chef John Wilson with a Tan Tan Mein - handmade noodles with spicy peanut-sesame sauce, wok-fired pork, and veggies.

Chef John’s formal training and expertise working in some of the city’s hottest restaurants has gained him a solid reputation for quality & leadership. Chef John joined the d’bali family a mere four weeks ago and has been a huge blessing to Mama Jeannie, who affectionately considers him not only her right-hand-man but an honorary son.

Our handmade noodles are simple. Traditional. And delicious! Chef John’s handcrafted noodles are merely flour, water, and salt, kneaded for an hour, and then rested overnight. The noodles are hand-cut, offering a very rustic, comforting and incredible mouth-feel. His background in European fine dining is truly evident.

Mama Jeannie and Chef John then finish off the fresh noodles with wok-fired minced pork, veggies & a secret mildly spicy sesame-peanut sauce Mama Jeannie acquired while living in Southeast Asia many years ago. Tan Tan Mein is similar to another dish known as Dan Dan Noodles and is absolutely delicious and will leave you craving for more!

We hope you enjoy it and thank all of you for your continued support & friendship!

Photo Credit: Kacey Rosauer @rosauerskitchen on Instagram

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