Chef Vincent Rotolo

Good Pie's The Chicago Detroit Pizza

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Good Pie's The Chicago Detroit Pizza

Good Pie in Las Vegas

Thursday, August 20 2020

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST


Chef Vincent Rotolo

Chef Vincent Rotolo of Good Pie is at it again and you don't want to miss this! He'll soon be opening another location for Good Pie on Main Street in the Arts District.

We are going all-out to preview the new Main Street location's menu with a showcase of upcoming dishes. Think pizza (of course!) as well as other Italian favorites soon to be revealed!


This week we are inviting you to get the first taste with a Chicago Detroit Pizza!

This isn't your "Grandma's Slice" (a Good Pie favorite we all know and love). This is bigger, bolder, and a savory, delicious experiment bringing two distinctly proud styles of American pizza together into one amazing pie!

This is a 10x14 Detroit square of Chicago deep-dish, a delicious marrying of two favorite pies featuring organic local tomatoes and OVER 2 POUNDS OF CHEESE. This monster is approximately 4" deep!

For added flavor (and more cheese, because... well, cheese), the crust gets a healthy coating of butter and parmesan!


$35 - The 10x14 Chicago Detroit Pizza Pie (serves 4-6)
(Optional, see below; add italian sausage to the bottom of the pan for an even bigger pie!)



$4 - Italian sausage (8oz, *in* your pizza)

$10 - Side of Chef Vincent's Famous Meatballs
$8 - Garlic Knots

** Reheating instructions for meatballs and garlic knots supplied at pick up!


* PICKUP on Thurs., Aug 20, between 4p-7p at Good Pie; 725 S Las Vegas Blvd #140 Las Vegas, NV 89101

Reserve yours for $35 per ticket

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Good Pie

725 S Las Vegas Blvd #140 Las Vegas, NV 89101

(702) 844-2700

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