Chef Bruce Kalman

Soulbelly BBQ POP UP, Saturday, $25 pp

Piero's Italian Cuisine & Seafood


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Soulbelly BBQ POP UP, Saturday, $25 pp

Piero's Italian Cuisine & Seafood in Las Vegas

Saturday, August 15 2020

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST


Chef Bruce Kalman

Born and raised in northern NJ, Bruce Kalman is a James Beard­-nominated chef whose work and training started close to home and took him to kitchens, entrepreneurial enterprises, and communities all over the US, including Chicago, New York, Santa Fe, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. He's also appeared on Bravo's Top Chef, Food Network's Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay, and others.

Now, he's in Las Vegas, and we're all excited about the possibilities he brings to the Vegas dining scene. Chef Bruce has an affinity for the farm-fresh, hand-crafted cuisines, and has a wide breadth of experience with Italian and Mediterranean flavors. He's also the chef-founder of BK Brinery, an artisan pickle company.

On his off time, Chef Bruce works with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters on Backbeat BBQ, and he is the front-man of a cover band called Foie Grock with Chef Duff Goldman. Talk about soul, man, and what a soul man!

BBQ, the mere mention of foie, AND music? Hmmm... now we're hungry for some soul as well.



$50 (for 2 people)
$80 (for 4 people)
$120 (for 8 people)

Each package includes:
- Pork Butt & Beef Brisket served with beans and slaw
- BBQ Spiced Cracklins
- Pickles
- Sliced Onions
- Texas Toast
- BBQ Sauce Options
- Kitchen-sink chocolate chip cookie bars



$5 - Extra Beef Brisket (4 oz)
$3 - Hot link (each)
$4 - Extra Pork Butt (4 oz)
$3 - Chipotle Cider Glazed Chicken Drumstick (each)
$3 - Extra Beans
$3 - Extra Cabbage Slaw
$4 - Mac n cheese (for 1-2 people)
$2 - Extra Kitchen-sink chocolate chip cookie bars (each)

$4 - Spicy and Sweet Lemonade (per drink, non-alcoholic)
Meyer lemon, basil, Fresno chile, honey

$11 - DRUNKEN, Spicy and Sweet WhistlePig Lemonade

$4 - Topo Chico

$6 - Canned sink beer


* PICKUP LOCATION: Sat., August 15 from 11am - 6pm at Piero's Italian Kitchen, 355 Convention Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Reserve yours for $50 per ticket

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Piero's Italian Cuisine & Seafood

355 Convention Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 369-2305


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