Chef Nina Manchev

Cook In-House At Forte with Nina, Brunch in Spain

Forte Bar and Tapas



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Cook In-House At Forte with Nina, Brunch in Spain

Forte Bar and Tapas in Las Vegas

Sunday, July 26 2020

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST


Chef Nina Manchev

Pintxos, Paella & Wine Tasting, Sunday, July 26
Here's your chance to COOK LIVE with Nina IN PERSON!

While other Forte guests will be joining virtually from home, you have the chance to cook LIVE, IN THE RESTAURANT! Groups will have their own table and full cooking set up to cook Paella with Nina & her executive chef Julio Nicolas.

Saffron-scented rice loaded with fresh seafood, veggies, Spanish chorizo, and chicken, Paella is a Spanish classic! Your cooking setup will include authentic imported Spanish products from our new Bodega!

Includes everything you need to cook along with Nina and Julio to make your own Paella AND unlimited Tapas and wine tasting from 1pm - 3pm.
$85 "Date Night" Package (1-2 people)

$200 "Paella Party" Package (3-5 people)

Please note: Group pricing and packages are set; there is no per-person cost available to ensure proper setup at each station and to maintain proper social distancing. You will be able to take home any extra Paella you have, if you don't eat it all right there!

ARRIVAL TIME: In-person cooking experience begins promptly at 1pm to go live online for those cooking at home. PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 12:30-12:45pm TO GET SET UP.

Reserve yours for $85 per ticket

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