Owner/Sommelier Mario Enriquez

"Burgers & Beaujolais" Fete du Beaujolais Nouveau!

Garagiste Wine Room | Merchant



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"Burgers & Beaujolais" Fete du Beaujolais Nouveau!

Garagiste Wine Room | Merchant in Las Vegas

Thursday, November 18 2021

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST


Owner/Sommelier Mario Enriquez

& Owner/Sommelier Eric Prato

& Chef Justin Kingsley Hall

It's that time again!

The third Thursday of November every year marks the world-wide celebration of the release of all Beaujolais Nouveau wines and prompts parties everywhere around the world.

Mario, Eric and the professional Somm team behind Garagiste Wine Room | Merchant, will have a limited supply of this heralded and celebratory juice landing the day before for the 3rd Annual “Burgers & Beaujolais” Fête du Beaujolais Nouveau on Thursday, November 18th from 6pm-9pm.

Laurence & Remi Dufaitre will be supplying the very limited quantity of their Beaujolais Nouveau this year. Remi was sought out by and mentored by the legendary Jean Foillard in Beaujolais and, indeed, creates masterpieces of similar pedigree (see producer profile below).

This will be your chance to partake in our 3rd annual Fete de Beaujolais Nouveau with a top-notch wine and gourmet burger made by one of Las Vegas' favorite chefs!

If you joined us last year, you know how much fun this will be! Limited quantities are available so don't wait to reserve your bottle and burger!


Main St Special $17
Te mana lamb burger stuffed with whiskey ramen egg, fried onions, roasted Fresno pepper ketchup, mustard

Peyote Patty $17
Cape Grim pasture raised ground beef, American cheese sauce, grilled Mexican onion, potato chips (inside), mustard

Mom's Grilled Potato Wedges $12
Russet potato wedges marinated in Italian dressing then grilled and served with saffron aioli


Garagiste Wine Room | Merchant will have other Beaujolais offerings available night-of, if you miss out and would still like to join in celebration.



Rémi and Laurence (his wife) Dufaitre began purchasing vines in and around the Brouilly and Cote de Brouilly crus in 2006, he began to work the land organically and started harvesting the grapes. Rémi began by selling his grapes to the local co-op, all the while monitoring the indigenous yeast population until he felt it was healthy enough to make his own wine. In 2010 he made and bottled his first vintage. When Jean Foillard tasted Rémi’s wine, he immediately sought him out, recognizing the obvious talent that must be behind the wine. Jean has since taken Rémi under his wing, introducing him to his vast and diverse list of Parisian clients. Remi’s wines currently have a very avid following in the bustling Paris natural wine scene as a result of this.

Rémi is a member of the informal group that has evolved from Kermit Lynch’s “gang of four,” the producers in Morgon who studied with natural-wine-pioneer Jules Chauvet (winemaker and biologist), making natural wine (Foillard among them). This group has grown to include younger winemakers like Rémi, who are working in the same spirit. If you find yourself in Villié-Morgon on a Sunday morning or afternoon, take care because this group is likely to envelop you and make you drink Beaujolais all day until the wee hours of the morning!

Rémi makes wines in a classic carbonic style, using whole bunches, which are carefully sorted to avoid broken grapes or rot. He adds some carbon dioxide gas to protect the grapes at the beginning of fermentation, and does not use any temperature control. He avoids foot stomping the grapes unless he sees some volatility starting to creep in. His goal is to have as little juice in the tank as possible. He also performs routine analysis to see how the yeast is performing and whether or not there is any volatility. Remi makes all his wines with the same method, thus we can really see and taste the differences between the sites, with minor differences in the elevage of each cuvée. He tastes each cuvée before bottling, and may decide to add between zero and 2 mg of sulfur, depending on how stabile he judges the wine to be.


* PICKUP or OPEN SEATING (first come first-served), Thurs., Nov. 18 between 6pm and 9pm.
Garagiste Wine Room |Merchant,
197 E California #140
Las Vegas, NV 89104.

Garagiste Wine Room | Merchant will have other Beaujolais offerings available night-of if you miss out and would still like to join in celebration.

Reserve yours for $17 per ticket

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Garagiste Wine Room | Merchant

197 E California #140 Las Vegas, NV 89104

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