Crystina Nguyen aka MAMA

This Mama's House Presents a Banh Tom and Banh Mi a la carte Feast!

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This Mama's House Presents a Banh Tom and Banh Mi a la carte Feast!

Pieros in Las Vegas

Sunday, November 8 2020

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST


Crystina Nguyen aka MAMA

You asked and she answered! After the super-successful and universally-loved Banh Mi platter recently presented by Mama Crystina, she is back with another can't-miss set of dishes!

Having immigrated to the US from Vietnam at just three months old, "Mama" Crystina grew up up in an adopted culture that wholly revolved around the American Dream. Growing up in New England, it was "very American: meat and potatoes... and sports. [And,] I had no clue what real Vietnamese food was. What’s pho? What’s banh mi?"

It was the move to a big city for college that opened up Crystina to what food and culture could truly create: connection. "That’s when I knew I had a passion for food, all kinds of food, especially Vietnamese. Everything in life is all about balance, especially flavors, and that’s when I brought everything I was experiencing into the kitchen."

Mama didn't just fall in love with foodservice and the food industry, she embodies it, epitomizes it. Mama Crystina earned her nickname over 20 years of working in, knowing, and taking care of her beloved food service industry and its people. She knows, she cares, and she never lets anyone walk away hungry.


Try a little bit of everything by taking advantage of a special This Mama's House A LA CARTE menu!


$10 - Crispy Vegetarian Egg Rolls (4 rolls)

$12 - Pate & Baguette

$12 - Banh Tom (3 fritters)
Sweet potato shrimp fritters served with lettuce, herbs & nuoc cham (Vietnamese fish sauce)

$13 - Rum marinated Char Siu Banh Mi (12" sandwich)
Whistling Andy Hibiscus rum-marinated Char Siu, pate, cucumber, jalapeños, cilantro, mayo, and soy on French baguette

$14 - Wonton Soup (10 wontons)
Wonton translates to "swallowing clouds" filled with pork and shrimp served in chicken stock, garnished with crispy shallots, fresh cilantro and scallions



$3 - Extra Baguette

$3 - Egg Noodles ( for soup)

$3 - Chinese Donut (for dipping in broth)

$6 - Extra Char Siu meat (for sandwich or soup; 3oz)

$8 - Dad's Infamous Hot AF Chili Sauce

$10 - Extra Pate

$6 - Flan

$5 - Vietnamese Coffee (non-alcoholic)


* PICK UP: Sunday, Nov. 8 between 3pm and 5pm; Pieros Italian Cuisine

Reserve yours for $10 per ticket

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