Chef Ike Onwuka

Chef Ike's Las Gidi Nigerian, African Foods

Vegas Test Kitchen


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Chef Ike's Las Gidi Nigerian, African Foods

Vegas Test Kitchen in Las Vegas

Wednesday, June 9 2021

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST


Chef Ike Onwuka

The Vegas Test Kitchen welcomes Chef Ike into their kitchen on June 9.
Chef Ike has been cooking for customers since the mid-1970s, approximately 40 years plus. He started as a small boy of 10 in his mother's little restaurant in Lagos Nigeria. His love for cooking Nigerian/ African foods can be savored in his delicious foods. He takes time and passion to cook. He believes there must be a passionate connection between the chef and the food to bring out amazingly delicious quality.

Chef Ike:

Since coming over to the US, my utmost passion has been to introduce the delicious, exciting flavors and healthy tastes of Nigerian / African foods to more people to savor and make part of their daily, weekly or monthly food regime. My foods are always cooked with a spiritual connection, that is why they always come out so good. Whenever you taste any food on my menu I can assure you will not be disappointed. I always infuse my passion and love for cooking into all products and you will feel that love as you eat my food. That is why I am yet to hear any customer say they do not love my food, be it Africans, African Americans, Asians, Caucasians etc.


Join us, one night only at the Vegas Test Kitchen

MENU: Dishes are meant to share.

$40 - Jollof rice is always a popular African dish
Full fried or grilled red snapper
Grilled spicy Chicken and Plantain

$25 - Egusi soup (made with melon seeds) or okra soup with fufu

$25 - SUYA - barbequed spicy beef with YAGI - herbal hot powdery spice and vegetables
is also very delicious and popular

$3 Fruit


LOCATION: Vegas Test Kitchen, 1020 E Fremont St. #120, Las Vegas NV 89101
DINING: Indoors and Outdoor seating available
MASKS: Please be courteous to our staff and wear a mask if you are NOT vaccinated.

Contact if you have any seating or special requests.

Reserve yours for $25 per ticket

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