Crystina Nguyen aka MAMA

Homegating with Mama & Remy-Cointreau: Cha-Cuterie Banh Mi!

Piero's Italian Cuisine & Seafood

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Homegating with Mama & Remy-Cointreau: Cha-Cuterie Banh Mi!

Piero's Italian Cuisine & Seafood in Las Vegas

Sunday, October 25 2020

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST


Crystina Nguyen aka MAMA

Cha, Cha, "CHA"cuterie! We're HOMEGATING with Mama Crystina! has partnered with Remy Cointreau for the 2020 HOMEGATING football season. As we cannot have fans in the stands this year, we are looking forward to showcasing 7 amazingly talented local chefs and restaurants over 8 select weeks during the season. This way you can stay in the comfort of your home and enjoy live football games on the big screen. All while enjoying the chefs favorite dishes as if they were there with you. Remy Cointreau will be highlighting a few of their brands weekly to complete your HOMEGATING PACKAGE and turn it into a full HOMEGATING experience.



Having immigrated to the US from Vietnam at just three months old, "Mama" Crystina grew up up in an adopted culture that wholly revolved around the American Dream. Growing up in New England, it was "very American: meat and potatoes... and sports. [And,] I had no clue what real Vietnamese food was. What’s pho? What’s banh mi?"

It was the move to a big city for college that opened up Crystina to what food and culture could truly create: connection. "That’s when I knew I had a passion for food, all kinds of food, especially Vietnamese. Everything in life is all about balance, especially flavors, and that’s when I brought everything I was experiencing into the kitchen."

Mama didn't just fall in love with foodservice and the food industry, she embodies it, epitomizes it. Mama Crystina earned her nickname over 20 years of working in, knowing, and taking care of her beloved food service industry and its people. She knows, she cares, and she never lets anyone walk away hungry.


"Recently, I was fortunate to travel to Vietnam. So crazy [to me, after] coming to the states at only three months old, that I would go to unfamiliar territory and feel so much at home. I truly connected with the country, the people, history, and yes...the food. Dishes like pho and banh mi are served all day. People back in the homeland eat it to just fulfill their hunger as they are on the go all the time. I don’t think they realize how special these meals are. The preparation that goes into these dishes is pure love. The balance of umami, freshness of the vegetables, herbs and spices. This is what I want to bring to the table."


"As for sports, how do you live in New England and not love them? The Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and - yes! - the all time favorite: The NE Patriots. I absolutely love sports (especially my Patriots) but you all know that I love Tom Brady maybe a little bit more. I’m super excited for this particular Sunday to enjoy quite a few things I love: Vegas having a football team, the Raiders playing against my utmost favorite human [on the TB Buccs] and enjoying it with great people and food."


a/k/a/ The Deconstructed Banh Mi Platter

$30 - feeds 2
$54 - feeds 4
$72 - feeds 6

Includes everything for a delicious Banh Mi platter!

* Fried pork roll
* Grilled chicken skewers marinated in caramelized Remy Martin Cognac
* Chicken liver pate with Remy Martin Cognac
* Vietnamese basil mayonnaise
* Pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, and herbs
* Baguette



$12 - Vietnamese coffee with 1738 Remy Martin Cognac
$8 - Vietnamese slow-drip coffee filter for your kitchen

$2 - Extra chicken skewer (each)
$5 - Extra pork roll
$10 - Extra pate (8oz)
$2 - Extra Baguette

$12 - Asian chicken salad (feeds 2)
$6 - Flan dessert (each)


* PICKUP: Sun., Oct. 25, between 12pm and 3pm at Piero's, 355 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109
* 21+ EVENT! ID will be checked at pickup

Reserve yours for $30 per ticket

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Piero's Italian Cuisine & Seafood

355 Convention Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89109

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